Project Mantra is an immersive energising 40 day programme of communication with the divine using the power of chanting

Why chant a mantra?

There is power in a name

Mantras are holy syllables. Words which comprise enormous power. They are instruments for the mind to work with to bring about transformation.

There are many mantras you can chant for different benefits and effects.

Project Mantra presents to you two sacred great mantras, ‘maha mantras’, mantras in which all other mantras are present. They evoke the presence and energy of the divine within you.

Why for 40 days?

There is power in repetition

40 days is the period required for the transformation process that can lead you to lasting change in your consciousness. It creates unity of mind and heart, and brings concrete change.

Continuous repetition of mantra over a 40 day period creates a state of perpetual meditation. Deep concentration in which the mind becomes sharp and focused.

Through this inner stillness you experience the effect and greatness of the mantra. Each syllable resonates inside of you.

Vibration transforms matter

Multiple sources of ancient scripture state that everything we see and touch, including your own self, has a vibration. Some refer to the origin of the universe as the primordial sound ‘Om’. Some call it ‘logos’, or the ‘word’. Others just ‘energy’ or ‘light’. Contemporary science uses different terms and references, but reflects the same view.

Vibration is matter, and vibration can cause matter to be changed. You can change yourself through the right kind of conscious calling. If you call the name of the divine, the divine is present.

Conscious effort through mantra can bring you

Unshakeable peace
Deep calmness of mind
Great sense of freedom